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The E.E. Group is the result of a reflection and a multi-year analysis on a subject that affects everyone on several levels...the production and provision of low-cost energy producing machines. The concept is based on the association of the E.E. Group with several manufacturers of eco-friendly equipment, of outstanding quality, whose performances is no longer to prove thanks to its innovative technology. These manufacturers didn’t settle on the European market because they had not yet found a partner that respects their vision of eco-responsibility. The E.E. Group and its partners are proud to see themselves as a real
eco-responsible group and to benefit everyone.

Our partners :



E.E. Group offers the possibility of using several components in order to obtain an energy production system that is eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly but mostly economic. The different modules can be used with an existing installation (in addition) or can replace it. She offers products that can be considered THE REAL MADE IN ITALY knowing they are invended, designed and manufactured inside our partners companies in central and southern Italy. The innovative technology of the products is little known to the Belgian public. It allows a very high efficiency and for some products, the CO2 production is almost non-existent thanks to the numerous patents of our partners. The stoves we offer are classic stoves and Hydro. Hydro can be connected to an existing system and allow you to heat the entire house and domestic hot water. Because of this, it allows you to use the burned fuel not only to heat the room where they are installed but the whole house.

Example of our Thermo Hydro and Classic Cassette (wood, pellet and biomass):

The various Thermo cassettes use as fuel wood, pellets, and other biomass fuels. They can have the function of traditional cassette. They can be used as additional heating on any existing installation or replace it completely. The use of two fuels in the same machine is possible automatically. The combined Hydro stove allows simultaneous use of wood and pellets. Currently one of our partners (FAMAR) is working on the design of a new wood/pellet concept and we hope to present it in preview to you at BATIBOUW 2018.

The boilers which we propose to you can replace a boiler of an existing installation or they ca be used for any new installation. Their yield can go to 95 % and thus the economy in the use is real.

Other alternative systems:

Our range of products includes also diverse heat pump, ventilo-convectors, VMC, heat accumulators and other various modules and components which can improve any new or existing installation. In contrast to the dominant trend where disposable products flood the market, we offer real quality services and products for a maximum duration. Because raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive,
we are convinced that it is our duty to be able to of fer quality sustainable products. For this reason, our conviction of being environmentally responsible is becoming stronger and stronger and our duty is to inform as many people as possible by giving them the opportunity to follow our concept.

Ecologie en Kwaliteit binnen ieders bereik

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