First of all BATIBOUW wants to bring attention to the importance of a healthy indoor climate with the first theme, a Healthy Indoor Climate. Recently we are spending more time inside at home as well as at our job. A healthy indoor climate with fresh air is therefore becoming more and more important. Spaces with dull air can cause headaches, tiredness and more. Besides this all, houses and buildings are nowadays very well isolated which causes a lack of airflow. Therefore we need to find other solutions! Good ventilation or a ventilation system are a necessity for a healthy indoor climate . The ideal indoor temperature is between 19°C  and 22°C, besides temperature we also need to consider the indoor humidity and the amount of fresh air.


New Way of Living, is the second of BATIBOUW 2019. In Belgium we are more of forced to live in smaller spaces and built smaller houses. In the past big houses outside the cities where the standard, but today we choose to live in city centers. The main reason is mobility: we don’t want to be stuck in traffic and don’t want to lose too much time when going to work. Consequence: we are with more people living on less square meters and therefore need to live in smaller spaces. With this comes that building plots are becoming very expensive and it is not possible to build big houses. Promotors are doing their best to come up with creative solutions such as redesigning old industry parcs. Also alternative ways of living like co-housing, tiny houses and care living are becoming normal.

Last but not least, the fair will be focusing on Smart building, a general name for all the new construction techniques where efficiency is key. For example, BIM, the Building Information Model. All parties that take part in the build process collect their information in one database that is available for all parties. 3D-printing and 3D-scanning, two techniques that are able to make a more detailed plan where creativity and last-minute adaptations are possible. Smart building also means building in a more aware, sustainable and less energy consuming way. Circular building is a perfect example: Everything is about smart use of the resources, products and goods. Reusing items so that second hand shops don’t have to exist. In circular economies everything gets recycled, rehoused and repaired. Buildings in a circular economies need to be able to easily being dismantled and reused.


Experience is the common thread of BATIBOUW 2018. When you’re walking through the halls of Brussels Expo, you can touch, see and even smell the products and services of our exhibitors. Testing the resonance of a wall, feel the force of a shower head, touch bricks and compare their touch to other types of facades, walk barefoot and sense the difference between imitation and real hard wood floors…

BATIBOUW is always the right answer whether you’re constructing, renovating or changing your interior design. Before you come, find a selection of products and suppliers online, meet them at BATIBOUW in real life, listen to the advice of professionals and then make your decision.