Experience is the common thread of BATIBOUW 2018. When you’re walking through the halls of Brussels Expo, you can touch, see and even smell the products and services of our exhibitors. Testing the resonance of a wall, feel the force of a shower head, touch bricks and compare their touch to other types of facades, walk barefoot and sense the difference between imitation and real hard wood floors…

BATIBOUW is always the right answer whether you’re constructing, renovating or changing your interior design. Before you come, find a selection of products and suppliers online, meet them at BATIBOUW in real life, listen to the advice of professionals and then make your decision.


Our professional and social lives are becoming more and more ‘connected’ and our home is next to join this important wave of hyper connectivity. That’s why BATIBOUW 2018 proudly presents ‘The Connected Home’ as one of its major themes.

A simple swipe on your smartphone is enough to jump start your central heating while your living room shutters slowly close. Or better yet: while you’re driving up to your house, you already switch on the outside lights of your porch. Our homes have become smart homes that make our lives easier: detect danger, open and close curtains, have music follow us in every room…

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, even in the shower, the isolation or the heating. Come to BATIBOUW 2018 and discover all its assets.


BATIBOUW is your ideal partner to help you plan your next home projects. The reason is that his fair consists of 14 fairs under one roof. Every construction sector is represented in one of our halls. You will find all advice and prices for updating your roof fixtures, choosing a new floor, renovating your kitchen or just to find a cute new mail box: BATIBOUW is the answer for every project.

New in 2018: The Garden room will be even bigger!

To help you prepare your next project, we’ve developed check lists per sector. That way, you know which questions to ask the exhibitors to fulfill your project’s goals. The check lists can be downloaded on our website and they can also be found in the fair catalogue.

If you’re constructing or renovating a home nowadays, you’re probably paying extra attention to living carefree and comfortably, keen to live in a healthy, secure and energy-conscious home. Wall and roof isolation, heating systems, illumination, sound isolation, ventilation, air conditioning: there is a limitless array of economical and ecological options to achieve the highest level of comfort.

Even furniture designers, interior specialists and landscape architects invent ergonomical, intelligent, practical an esthetical solutions: a cosy fire place that saves you money, just the right configurations for a home office or your very own spa. Come and discover the newest innovations and dream of your ideal home.