Your catalogue details

To inform the visitors of BATIBOUW at best, Fisa will publish a catalogue containing information about all the exhibitors present at the fair. As an exhibitor, you can check and update your company, activity and product details at any time.

This can be done via a link sent by e-mail, which will be communicated by the organizing committee.

All gathered or updated exhibitor details will then be made available to the public on the web site, but also on the interactive terminals at the fair, and in the official catalogue.

Printed catalogue

This catalogue is distributed during the trade fair. Just before the trade fair, the catalogue will be sold at the big department stores and also as a supplement to the "Ik ga bouwen/ Je vais construire" magazine.

Online catalogue

The online catalogue can be used as a search engine with useful information for future builders and renovators. The following search criteria can be used: exhibitor, product and brand.