Why participate?

BATIBOUW is a real meeting place for the different actors in the building sector. Each exhibitor has the opportunity to establish privileged and personalized contacts with each of his customers. The fame of BATIBOUW and the important media coverage from which the fair benefits certainly contribute to the development of the image of a company.  The fair as a medium not only opens the possibility of generating quality contacts but is also a source of strategic information about the competitive environment in the sector. Participating to BATIBOUW is also a challenge for a company and will most probably strengthen the links that bring its assistants together.

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Convince new customers

Meet the contractors and architects behind exciting new projects.

Boost your sales

Improve your turnover with loyal customers by informing them about the full range of your products through demos and discussions with other customers on your stand.


Reach a target that is difficult to persuade

Visitors who are hatching a construction/renovation project find themselves often outside most databases radar. This occasion brings them together and presents them to you on a silver platter.

Find YOUR place in the construction/renovation process

It usually takes 2 years to finish a project. Play a key role in this process by informing the visitors of today who will become your customers of tomorrow.

Break down commercial or geographical barriers

Many people hesitate to enter a showroom (fear of being «cornered», wariness about excessive prices or simply because of the distance). Thanks to the fair, you have access to these visitors who would otherwise never have visited your showroom.

Inform consumers

Educate consumers on the multiple uses of your products by inviting them to demos, workshops or information sessions.